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Is there a mole on your skin that worries you? Has a freckle or mole on your body changed recently? Our presence is because early identification and management of skin cancer are critical. Modern screening tools are used by our highly skilled selenographer to conduct thorough skin cancer examinations. Being vigilant about the health of your skin is no longer a concern! Not to be confused with a bulk billing general practice,skin check in Southport is a specialized skin screening service. Reserve now.Treatment of melanoma and other skin malignancies is best initiated early. Our specialist in Southport skin cancer clinic can quickly and securely identify any worrisome skin changes, even in their early stages, thanks to MoleMax technology. Superior imaging capabilities are offered by the MoleMax’s high-definition camera.

Our Southport skin cancer clinic is pleased to provide complete body mapping and thorough skin screening services. Your entire body will be examined by a qualified melanographer throughout the appointment. With MoleMax, your skin is captured in a picture. Compare and identify any new or changing spots over time, this helps our skin cancer specialist. We will remind you to return for your next visit based on your skin profile.We offer a comprehensive skin health care approach. A highly skilled team of support personnel provides optimal care for you, while the qualified team specializes in the detection and treatment of skin cancer. The doctors have extensive training. To prevent skin cancer deaths in the future, we rescue lives and offer the finest care possible every day. Our clinical team of workers will offer you professional advice, first-rate feasible care, and most importantly, peace of thoughts. Damage from sun repair, mole removal, complete body pictures, surgical and noninvasive skin cancer treatments, wound and scar care, and skin cancer detection and diagnostics are other services we may assist you with. Your joy and health are our primary goals in everything we do.  We recognize that every affected person has distinct needs and dreams, therefore we will usually personalize your care plan and make every attempt to move above and beyond your expectations. We feel grateful that you chose us for your skin check Southport.


An assessment of your entire body, from head to toe, is called a skin cancer check.  After advanced training in skin cancer medicine, the volunteer doctors at Southport skin cancer clinic will evaluate any lumps, spots, or moles on your skin after doing a comprehensive examination.It is important to have a licensed medical professional examine your skin regularly. This needs to be performed at least as soon as a year, or extra regularly when you have a record of pores and skin most cancers or are at excessive chance of developing it. In between skin tests, routine self-assess is a useful tool for keeping an eye on your skin, but they shouldn’t be depended upon to detect every suspicious area.